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Remove Bathtub Decals
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Things You’ll Need
Credit Card
Mineral Oil
Nail Polish Remover
Hydrogen Peroxide
Nylon Scrubber
Soapy Water
Cream of Tartar
Bathtub decals are great for giving you a non-slip tub, but they can get cruddy. If you want to remove yours, here’s how it’s done.

1. Once you have those decals off, odds are you’ll be left with a sticky mess. Dip a nylon scrubber into some vinegar, and rub it on the residue. It may take some elbow grease, but it should scrub it all away.

2. Soak a cloth with white vinegar and lay it over the decal for a few minutes. Pull the cloth off and use a credit card or a plastic spatula to gently pry up the edges of those stickers. Douse the area with more vinegar, repeating until you can pull the sticker away from the tub. You can also try this same procedure with some nail polish remover or some mineral oil.

3. If you use mineral oil to get the stickers off, make sure you clean the area with some soap and water so that the surface isn’t slippery!

4. If the stickers leave behind some stains, mix cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide together to form a thick paste. Use that paste to scrub the stains. They’ll clean away and the tub will shine like new!

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