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Spray Bottles
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Things You'll Need
Various Spray Bottles
Rubbing Alcohol
Lately it seems like everything comes in a spray or pump bottle, but if you've had a problem with them you know it can be frustrating. Here are some easy ways to keep them working.
1. If your aerosol or pump spray nozzle is clogged, you won't be able to spray anything. To unclog it, pull the nozzle off and soak it in some rubbing alcohol for ten minutes or so. Once the time is up, pull it out and look at it. If you see any gummy residue, peel it away from the sprayer and then return the sprayer to the bottle.
2. If you're almost out of window cleaner you know how hard it is to get the rest of the liquid out. Don't just throw it away, take the top off of the bottle and throw some marbles in there. This will raise the liquid's level so that you can use it up!
3. Don't throw away those spray bottles when they're empty. Clean them well and store them. They come in handy for spraying household cleaners that may not come with a sprayer... like vinegar! Just make sure that you label the bottle appropriately.

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