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Fireplace Favorites
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Things You'll Need
Baking Soda
Metal Bracket
Brown Paper Bag
As it gets colder, a cozy fire makes for a relaxing evening. Well, I have some tips to prepare your fireplace.
1. Fireplace doors a little grungy and soot stained? Dip a damp cloth in your fireplace ashes and scrub the inside of the doors with a circular motion. It'll polish away the soot! When you can see them coming clean, wipe the doors with a damp cloth!
2. Keep a box of baking soda near the fireplace. It serves two functions: you can use it to smother out of control flames or settle hot coals, and you can absorb excess odors between fires by setting a metal bracket filled with a little baking soda on the grate.
3. If you hate the trail of bark and dirt that your firewood leaves on your floors and clothes when you transport it, try this: Build your "fire" in a brown paper bag, put some crumpled paper in the bottom, follow that up with some kindling, some more paper and then a few logs; then curl up the top to seal the bag. As you carry your ready-made fire inside you won't leave any mess on your way and you can simply set the bag on the fire grate and light the bag!

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