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Use It Again
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Things You'll Need
Game Boards
Plastic Bottles
Golf Tees
Scrap of Wood
Candle Stubs
Winter Tights
When something is no longer useful for its original intention, take another look, because it might fill another need.
1. Old game boards make great lap desks for paying bills when you're watching television, or for the kids to color on during a long car trip.
2. Refill plastic bottles about three quarters of the way with water and store them in your freezer. They make great cold packs for picnics and tailgates as well as a contoured ice pack for sore knees or backs.
3. Way too many golf tees? Take a scrap of wood and screw small holes about every inch, half near the top of the board, half near the bottom in a zig zag formation. Then tap your golf tees into place for a stylish tie or belt rack.
4. Keep old candle stubs around for waxing sticky drawers and windows and for lighting fires in the fireplace without scorching your fingers.
5. Winter tights that have passed their prime are perfect for filling with rice or lentils and putting at the base of a door to keep heat or cooled air inside!

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